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Possible Scenario What to Do
‘Oops! Something went wrong’ during the 'Communicating step
  • Confirm your Wi-Fi is still on.
  • Ensure the Wi-Fi has not been disbaled
  • Confirm the Wi-Fi icon is still flashing in the top right corner of your device.
    • If YES – have you selected the correct network and entered your home Wi-Fi password correctly?
    • If NO – if the Wi-Fi icon is solid, confirm the appliance is still turned on, you may need to turn the appliance off and on again then press ‘Relaunch App’. You will then need to repeat the whole process again.
 ‘Finishing Up’ does not complete you are taken back to the home screen
  • Restart your app and check if the appliance appears.
      • If YES – appliance has connected and you can use remotely.
      • If NO – connecting process failed, and you will have to begin process again.
My Device is asking me to turn on the Location

You will need the Location on your device, turned ON to use this App.

Note:  If you have used the App previously and uninstalled, you will need to ensure the location is turned when re-installing.

I cannot find my Model on the list Your Model is not Wi-Fi capable and cannot be used with the App at this time.
There has been a Power Outage when doing the OTA Update Once the power has been restored, turn your Appliance back On, then run the update overnight.

Wi-Fi Keeps turning Off during setup

Ensure you have connected to your Appliance within 5 mins of starting the setup.
App is slow showing my Appliance on the list It can take up to 2 minutes for the appliance to appear in the App.
Steam Cycle on App is stuck

Check the App for updates as this should resolve your issue.

Cannot use the start button on the app, or see any cycle names

Check the App for updates as this should resolve your issue.

Column Refrigerator or Freezer is showing as the wrong type (e.g. Fridge is showing as Freezer and Freezer is showing as Fridge) AND the Control Screen is blank, except for the Order Water Filter button

  1. Close the SmartHQ App and turn off the power to the Column Fridge/Freezer and leave it off for 10 seconds.
  2. Turn on the power to the Column Fridge/Freezer and re-open the App
  3. The correct details show now appear.




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