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OTA Updates



What is OTA? 

OTA stands for ‘Over the Air’ and is a term used to describe software updates that use Wi-Fi or mobile broadband. 

You’ve likely done many of these already, by simply updating your mobile phone to the latest version. 


What appliances can use OTA? 

Currently, OTA are only available for laundry products for both F&P and Haier. Other product types will be coming online throughout the year (2021 - 2022).


What is the benefit of OTA? 

F&P is leveraging off the latest technology and providing you with the ability to create moments of delight by updating your appliances all from the convenience of your own mobile phone or tablet. 

OTA’s will allow small bug fixes and updates to occur without the need to sending out a technician.

Additionally, another one of F&P values it to be Generous, and OTA’s really help us live this out. OTA’s allow the you to upgrade your appliance to the latest software, meaning a you can benefit from the continuous development and improvements our engineers are working on. 


How long do updates take? 

Updates can take anywhere between 5 – 60 minutes to complete. Once a you have accepted the update and downloaded it to your phone, you are free to go about your day. 

  • Please ensure when updating you do not Turn off the Power to your device or Household Power. 
  • If there is a power cut, once the it has been restored, turn the power to your Appliance back on and leave the App to update overnight.

Can the appliance be used during an update? 

No, appliances cannot be used whilst they are being updated. 


Can an update be delayed? 

When an OTA is available to you, you will be prompted to complete the update once you enter the App. However, the update can be delayed to suit the your schedule (remembering that it can take up to 5-60 minutes). 


Can OTA’s fry my machine? 

OTA’s are extremely safe and very common. All our OTA’s undergo review, tests and are released into production before they go to OTA. These tests have also identified risks that we can learn from such as ensuring you do not turn off the appliance during an update (and even then we can fix that too). 



If you have an further questions regarding OTA updates, please click here to Contact our Customer Services Team.




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