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Dishes Are Not Dry


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Possible Cause What to Do


Remember to spread items evenly leaving plenty of space in between.  For Dishdrawer models, refer to Video: How to Load your DishDrawer

Wash Program Type

Certain programs (e.g. Eco) have shorter drying times than others – try a standard wash program instead.  

Phase 9 (Model numbers ending with a 9) Dishdrawer please refer Video: How to Select Wash Program for your Dishdrawer.

Rinse Aid Low or Depleted If using tablets, check whether they contain rinse aid or the rinse aid dispenser is filled. For DishDrawer models, refer to  Video: How to Add rinse Aid
Dishes did not dry Ensure the dishes are not nesting together.
Dishes were left in the drawer for several hours after a wash. We recommend unloading the dishes within a few hours after a wash program has finished, as the small amount of vapour left after the wash may -with time- resettle on dishes as condensation. Using rinse aid or increasing its setting may also help reduce this problem.
Rinse aid setting too low. Increase the rinse aid setting.
Eco wash program used. Choose a Standard wash program.
Normal Eco wash program used. Choose a Standard wash program.

Items that require a longer drying time, e.g. plastic utensils and containers.

DD***C models only: Set the wash program with Extra dry. (only available on some wash programs).



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