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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Before You Call For Service



User Warnings

Your dryer is capable of diagnosing a number of its own problems. It will sound a continuous series of beeps and display a user prompt when it has a problem that you can correct yourself. To stop the beeps sounding, touch any button on the control panel. Do not try to continue your drying cycle once you stop the noise. You must address the problem the dryer is alerting you to. Check the below table before you call for service.

Problem Displayed as What to do
Keylock is activated Key Lock Text.PNG Press Single_PadLock.JPG for two seconds to deactivate the Keylock.
The door is not closed door Open text.PNG Close the door fully and press Start_Pause Button.JPG.
Try opening and closing the door again.
Reposition the load, make sure the load is correctly in the drum and that protruding items are not stopping the door from closing.
Dryer has been paused Pause.PNG Press Start_Pause Button.JPG to resume the cycle.

Once you have addressed the issue the user prompt was alerting you to, try using your dryer as per usual. If the issue persists, call your Fisher & Paykel trained and supported service technician.




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