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Some items are lint givers, while others are lint collectors. Always dry lint givers and collectors separately.

Lint Givers Lint Collectors
Towels Synthetics eg polar fleece
Flannelette sheets Corduroy
Polyester cottons
  • Check the lint filter is clean before every load. Ensure it is replaced correctly before using your dryer.
  • The lint filter indicator light will flash at the beginning of every cycle when the machine is switched on, as a reminder to check the lint filter.
  • Sort and load items into the dryer drum, ensuring no items are in the way of the door.
  • Close the door.
  1. Press ‘POWER’ Start Button.JPG to activate your dryer.
  2. Your dryer will default to the ‘Everyday’ cycle. Select your desired drying cycle by pressing the cycle button of your choice.
  3. E7060M, DE6060M, DE5060M and DE5060MU models only. Select your preferred drying options, using the buttons on the right hand side of the panel (if you wish to select options different from the default options for the cycle).
  4. Press Start_Pause Button.JPG to start the cycle.
  • If you make an invalid selection the dryer will beep to alert you.
  • When the cycle finishes, your dryer will beep and then turn off automatically.
  • If you wish to change a cycle once drying has started, press Start_Pause Button.JPG then select the new cycle. Press Start_Pause Button.JPG to restart the dryer with the new cycle. This may affect drying performance.
  • If you wish to stop the dryer before the cycle has finished you MUST remove the clothes IMMEDIATELY and spread them out to cool. DO NOT leave the clothes in the dryer or bunched up in a clothes basket. Take extreme care as the drum and the load items may be extremely hot.
  • Failure to follow the advice in this guide may result in damage to your garments and your expectations of drying performance may not be met.




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