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Dryer taking Too Long / Results were Not Satisfactory



Possible Cause What to Do
Drying cycle selected not appropriate for the load Select an appropriate cycle for the load. Refer to 'Sorting & Loading' and 'Drying Cycles' in your User Guide.
Dryness level selected not appropriate for the load Select a higher dryness level. Refer to 'Drying Cycle Options' in your User Guide.
Selected drying temp, not appropriate for the load Select a higher drying temp. Refer to  Drying Cycle Options' in your User Guide.
Dryer overloaded for the cycle
  • Some cycles have a lower max load size. Refer to 'Drying Cycles' in your User Guide.
  • Try dividing the load in half and dry half at a time.
  • Large, heavy fabrics contain more moisture and take longer to dry.  Separate large, heavy fabrics into smaller loads to speed up drying time.
Lint filter is Full / blocked Clean the lint filter
Condenser is blocked Clean the condenser. Refer to 'Caring for your Dryer' in your User Guide.
Water tank is full Empty the water tank. Refer to Caring for your Dryer' in your User Guide.
Environmental conditions may be affecting dryer operation

In hot, humid conditions the dryer will take longer to dry a load and be less efficient.

Ensure the dryer is installed in a well-ventilated, dust-free environment.
Do not operate this dryer behind closed doors (ie inside a cupboard).

Load overly wet at the start of cycle Remove more water from the load before placing it in the dryer, eg select a faster spin speed on your washer, if appropriate for your load.
Load was damp dry at the start of cycle If the load had been partially air dried, e.g has been washed and placed on the line, use a 'Time Dry' cycle and monitor the dryness of your clothes.
Dryer not draining water out properly Check the drain hose (if connected) for blockages or damage. You may need a Service Technician to assist with this - Click Here to schedule a visit.
Items got wrapped up inside other items / Tangled Try separating items and drying  similar items together. Open items out when you place them in the dryer. Do not fold them up.  Untangle items, eg pull long sleeves out so they are not stuck/trapped on the inside of the garment. 
Improper sorting. Separate heavy items from lightweight items (generally, a well sorted washer load is a well sorted dryer load).
Non-venting dryer Condensing dryers usually take longer to dry than a vented dryer.
Blown fuses or tripped circuit breaker Replace fuses or reset circuit breakers. Since most dryers use 2 fuses/breakers, make sure both are operating.
Underloading If you are drying only one or two items, add a few items to ensure proper tumbling.

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