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Vertical Refrigerator Operating Instructions


Models: 635 mm wide RF373, RF450, E450


Temperature Control

  • The control has been factory set for normal operating conditions.
  • Allow the refrigerator to run empty for 2 – 3 hours before placing food inside the fresh food or freezer compartments.
  • Re-adjust the control as necessary to suit your individual preference.

1 is warmest setting
7 is coldest setting

  • We recommend adjusting the temperature by half a setting initially and then allow at least 24 hours for the cabinet  temperature to stabilise before re-adjusting.
  • The running time and temperature are affected by where your refrigerator is located, how often the door is opened and the temperature of the room the refrigerator is located in. Your refrigerator is designed to operate in a room temperature of between 10°C and 43°C.
Vert RF_Operating Instr_Temp Control.png




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