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What to Do if Your Refrigerator is Unstable



What to do if Your New Refrigerator is Unstable when Installed

A. Gently push the refrigerator back until the rear rollers contact floor.

  • Measure the gap under the front foot, which has come off the floor.
  • Obtain some solid packing material (hardwood, plastic etc) which fits firmly into the gap under the foot.
Note-Icon.png Do not use metallic materials that may corrode and stain or damage floor coverings.


If your ref is unstable_A.PNG

B. Wind both front feet up and roll the product out of position.

  • Place the packing material in the location diagonally opposite the front roller that lifts off the floor.
  • Make sure the packing material stays in place when the product is pushed back into position.
  • Ideally, the packing material is large enough to rest against the back wall so as to prevent it moving when the cabinet is pushed into position.
If your ref is unstable_B.PNG

C. Roll the refrigerator back into position and adjust front feet as per step 4. ( Check alignment and door closing action are satisfactory).

  • Make small adjustments to front feet where necessary.
  • Check that the product is stable (all 4 feet are on the floor). If not return to step A and re-do steps B and C.

D. Levelling of refrigerator door (RF610A, RF540A, RF522A, RF201A only)

  • For uneven surfaces, front feet can be used to align the 2 doors.
  • If left hand door is too low, then unscrew the left hand foot to lift up cabinet until top edges of the two doors are aligned.
  • If right hand door is lower, then process the same way with right hand foot.

If your ref is unstable_D.PNG





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