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ActiveSmartâ„¢ Sounds


Normal Refrigerator Sounds

Your refrigerator is designed with innovative ActiveSmart™ features that can produce sounds that may be different from your old refrigerator.

Normal Operational Sounds Include:

  • Fan air flow sound. ActiveSmart™ refrigerators have fans which change speed depending on demand. During cooling periods, such as after frequent door openings, fans circulate the cold air in the refrigerator and freezer compartments producing some air flow sound. This is quite normal.
  • Cracking or popping sound which may occur when the defrost function is operating.
  • Running water sound. This is the liquid refrigerant in the system and can be heard as a boiling or gurgling noise.
  • An audible hissing sound after closing the freezer door. This is due to the pressure difference between the warm air that has entered the cabinet and suddenly cooled, and the outside air pressure.
  • Other sounds may be heard for the following reasons:
    • Cabinet not level.
    • Floor uneven or weak.
    • Bottles or jars rattling on shelves.
  • If this is your first refrigerator with an ice maker, you will hear occasional sounds that may be unfamiliar. They are normal ice making sounds and are not cause for concern.
  • The following sounds are normal with the operation of an ice maker:
    • Motor operation (low humming).
    • Running water as the ice maker and/or water tank fills.
    • Water valve opening and closing (hissing sound).
    • Ice being loosened from the ice moulding tray (cracking).
    • Ice dropping into bin (clunking).





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