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Storage Compartment Too Warm or Too Cold


Possible Cause What to Do
Temperature setting not correct Refer to 'Temperature Adjustment' or 'ActiveSmart Special Features' section in your User Guide.
Frequent drawer openings Minimize drawer openings to allow temperature to stabilize.
Warm, humid weather Warm or humid weather can affect the Drawers temperature, minimize drawer opening to allow temperature to stabilize.
Drawer not sealing or closing properly Move items in compartment so drawer can close tightly.  Check that seal is sitting flat and sealing tightly.  Check that drawer skin is not clashing with surrounding cabinetry.
Large amount of food recently added
  • Minimize drawer openings to allow temperature to stabilize.
  • Select 'Max Cool' or 'Fast Freeze' (Integrated Columns Only) features to assist in lowering the temperature to stabilize.
The storage mode of the compartment has recently been changed Wait for the storage mode icon on control panel to stop flashing and recheck temperature.

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