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Water Filter Installation



Water Filter Install Kit

Water Filter.PNG

Water filter (1)



Filter Cartridge Tool.PNG

Filter cartridge tool (1)


The water filter head must be firmly pushed into the product and secured. incorrect installation can lead to water leaks.


Install the Water Filter

  1. Remove the water filter packaging.
  2. Pull the filter tool gently to dislodge from the front of the product (A).
  3. Insert the water filter all the way into the filter casing and press firmly until the filter head is pushed further inside the casing (B).
  4. Using the filter tool, rotate the filter head 90° to lock in place (C).
  5. Return the filter tool to its storage position (D).
  6. Turn on the water supply to check for leaks.

Flushing the Water Filter

  • Before turning on your automatic ice maker, the water filter must be flushed to remove any impurities or trapped air in the water tank and filter system.
  • Refer to the user guide ‘Operating steps— Automatic ice maker (freezer only)’.


Install Water Filter.PNG




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