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Cavity Preparation



Anti-tip Bracket Assembly Kit

Anti Tip Bracket.PNG

Anti-tip bracket (1)

Masonry Plug.PNG

Masonry plug (4)

10_12x35mm Cross Head Screw.PNG

#10x40 cross-head screw (4)




Cross Head Screwdriver.PNG

Cross-head screwdriver

Power Driver.PNG

Powered driver





Safety Glasses.PNG

Safety glasses


  • Ensure the door of the product is closed when rolling into the cabinetry.
  • DO NOT attempt to open the door until the product is fully installed. The anti-tip bracket and fittings supplied must be fitted to the wall of the finished enclosure to withstand a 100kg load.
  • Ensure that the anti-tip bracket is installed correctly to prevent the possibility of the product tipping forward when the door is open.

Read the following reminders before fastening with masonry plugs and/or

screws to avoid serious injury or possible death:

  • Ensure the screws avoid electrical, gas and water conduits.
  • Ensure that the surface where the bracket is fastened can withstand a 100kg load. ●● Ensure light-weight masonry material such as cinder block and new concrete (no curing time) are not used in installation.
  • Do not use metallic materials that may corrode, stain and/or damage the enclosure.


Attaching the Anti-tip Bracket

  1. Project horizontally from the bottom end of the alcove return towards the back wall (A).
  • This will locate the contact surface between the bracket and the product.

Cavity Prep_Attach AntiTip Bracket.PNG

Projection must be from the alcove return towards the bottom of the bracket

  1. Mark the screw locations of the anti-tip bracket on the wall based on the most central wall stud (B).
    • If there are no wall studs, the bracket can be installed to solid brick walls with masonry plugs. (It is not recommended for use with perforated brick or hollow concrete bricks).
  2. Drill screw holes to the marked locations.
  3. For wooden/plaster board wall installation: Skip to step 5.

For solid wall installation: Hammer 10x30mm masonry plugs (4x) into the wall until flush.

  1. Fix the bracket to the wall with 10-12x35mm pan head screws (4x), and screw tightly (C).


Cavity Prep_Attach AntiTip Bracket_B&C.PNG

Single Install

Dual Install

Make sure the bracket overlaps the product by a minimum 180mm for a secure hold (E).

If the minimum 180mm overlap cannot be achieved, install a solid spacer to the wall stud behind the bracket (F).

Cavity Prep_Attach AntiTip Bracket E.PNG Cavity Prep_Attach AntiTip Bracket F.PNG





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