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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Before Installation



  • Ensure your product is not exposed to any heat generating product eg cooktop, oven or dishwasher.

  • The product has front and rear rollers for moving the product forward and backward. Do not move the product sideways to avoid damaging the rollers or the floor covering/surface.

  • The product must be installed by a qualified installer, or Fisher & Paykel trained and supported service technician to avoid faulty electrical connection and water leaks.

  • All connections for water, electrical power and earthing must comply with local codes and ordinances and be made by licensed personnel when required.

  • Avoid installation of the product/s under a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

  • Ensure the product is installed properly. Improper installation that results in product failure is not covered under the product warranty.


Check the Installation Location

Check the Cabinetry

  • Check the dimensions of the cabinetry: height (A), width (B), depth (C), floor level, finished alcove returns.

  • Ensure that the ventilation openings in the cabinetry are clear of obstruction.


Check the Power Supply Connection

  • Ensure that there is a separate power socket for each product.

  • Avoid sharing the power point with other products to prevent accidental switching off of the product.

  • For power requirements, refer to the information on the serial plate.

  • Ensure your product is properly grounded (earthed).

  • Connect your product to an electrical supply with the fitted plug and lead.

  • If power connection is located behind the product, we recommend to install an isolating switch to a location that is easily accessible to the user for repair or disconnection.

  • Follow local codes and ordinances when installing the product.


Check the Water Supply Connection (for Freezer models only)

  • We recommend connecting the hose to exit at an angle if there is not enough clearance between the cabinet wall and back of product.

  • Fisher & Paykel is not liable for damage (including water damage) caused by faulty installation or plumbing.


Check Your Product

  • Ensure that your product is the correct model as per your order.

  • Ensure that the packaging is not damaged upon delivery.

  • Check that the components and install kits are complete.

  • You have the option to change the door hinge side of your product from right hand hinge to left hand hinge or vice versa. A hinge change kit is required for this Installation. Refer to ‘Optional — Changing over door hinges’ for more information.

Before Installation.PNG


  • Be careful when unpacking to prevent damage to the surface of your product.

  • Ensure that the product is stable to prevent from tipping over when unpacking.

  • Do not open the doors to prevent the product from tipping over.

  • The product is heavy and requires a minimum of 2 persons to unpack and install.

  • Ensure that the feet of the product are retracted.

  • If the product is damaged, contact your Fisher & Paykel dealer.

  • Take note of your model and registration numbers located at the lower right side of the product. You will need these to request for servicing or repair of your product.

  • Follow these steps to avoid risks that can cause serious injury or death.
  • Keep doors closed until the product has been moved to its installation location.

Unpacking Your Product

  1. Remove the top of the packaging carton. Cut along the cut lines and remove the carton and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam.

  2. Remove pre-packed install parts taped to the back panel of the product.

  • Door panel side extrusion

  • Side trim assembly

  • Centre trim assembly

  • Dual install joiner kit

In some models, the install parts are packed in a box taped to back panel.

Before Installation_Unpacking #1.PNG
  1. Remove/unscrew the pre-installed parts.

    • Top trim

    • Top door panel extrusion

    • Toe kick mounting plate

    • Top grille

    • Bottom grille

    • Air flow divider

Set aside the screws to use later when reinstalling the removed parts.

Do not remove the central magnet housing (circled) from the top of the product.


Before Installation_Unpacking #2.PNG

Moving Your Product

  1. Remove the brackets from one side of the product. (Preferably, non-hinged side of the product).
  1. Tilt the product slightly to the opposite side.
  1. Insert the hand truck under from the side of the product where the brackets were removed.

Do NOT insert the hand truck to the front or back of the product.

Before Installation_Moving Appl #1.PNG Before Installation_Moving Appl #2.PNG
  1. Restrain the product to the cart with straps.

  2. Remove the brackets on the other side of the product.

6. Tilt the product backward onto the cart.

7. Set aside the pallet and push the cart to the installation location.

Before Installation_Moving Appl #3.PNG Before Installation_Moving Appl #4.PNG




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