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Model RB60V18
Category of the household refrigerating appliance model 1 7
Energy efficiency class A++
Annual energy consumption (kWh/year) 2 237
Based on standard test results
Storage volume (L)
Fresh Food Compartment 138
Chill Compartment 25
Freezer Compartment 62
Total 225
Applicable star rating 4 star
Frost free system (freezer) Yes
Temperature rise time (power cut safe) (h) 12
Freezing capacity (kg/24 h) 11
Climate class SN.N.ST.T
Noise emissions (dB) 39
Is this model intended to be built in? Yes
Is this model intended to be exclusively used for the
storage of wine?



  1. Refrigerator with one or more fresh-food storage compartments;
  2. Refrigerator-cellar, cellar and wine storage appliances;
  3. Refrigerator-chiller and refrigerator with 0-star compartment;
  4. Refrigerator with a 1-star compartment;
  5. Refrigerator with a 2-star compartment;
  6. Refrigerator with a 3-star compartment;
  7. Refrigerator-freezer;
  8. Upright freezer;
  9. Chest freezer;
  10. Multi-use and other refrigerating appliances.



  1. Based on standard test results for 24 h. Actual energy consumption will depend on how the appliance is used and where it is located.




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