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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Starting Your Oven



Switching the Oven On and Off

  • Press Start_Power Button.JPGto switch the oven on and press again to switch it off. The oven returns to standby mode.
  • After switching off the oven, the cooling fan may continue to operate until the oven has cooled down.


Selecting the Cooking Mode


Traditional Cooking

Microwave Cooking
Starting Your Oven_ True Convection.PNG FAN HEAT (FAN FORCED) Microwave_Defrost by Time.PNG DEFROST BY TIME
Starting Your Oven_ Ring & Grill.PNG FAN HEAT & GRILL (FAN FORCED & GRILL) Microwave_Defrost by Weight.PNG DEFROST BY WEIGHT
Starting Your Oven_ Convection Broil.PNG TURBO GRILL & BASE HEAT (FAN GRILL) Microwave Cooking.PNG MICROWAVE COOKING
Starting Your Oven_ Broil.PNG ECO GRILL Microwave&Grill.PNG MICROWAVE AND GRILL


  1. Select the Convection..PNGand press Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG. Select the appropriate cooking mode by pressing Left_Right Arrows.PNG and confirm by pressing Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG.
  2. If the temperature is correct, press Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG to start cooking.

To change the temperature use the up and down scroll arrows Up_Down Arrows.PNG Left_Right Arrows.PNG and confirm your selection by pressing Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG.

If Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG is not pressed within 10 seconds, the oven will begin cooking automatically on the settings that are currently selected.

The temperature can also be adjusted during cooking.

  1. To cancel a cooking mode during cooking press Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG and then press X.PNG.




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