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First Use



First Use

  • The oven should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water and carefully rinsed.
  • It is important that you condition the oven before using it for cooking and baking. Conditioning will burn off any manufacturing residue and ensure you get the best results from the start. There will be a distinctive smell and a small amount of smoke during conditioning. This is normal, but make sure the kitchen is well ventilated.
  • Heat the oven for 30 minutes at the maximum temperature. Use the microwave and true convection function without accessories in the oven. Before using the accessories for the first time, clean them carefully with hot water, dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth.


Assembling & Disassembling the Flat Grill

To remove the flat grill, pull it towards you until it stops and then lift, by pulling upwards, until it comes completely out. To put the flat grill back in, insert it at a 45° angle and then position it horizontally and push it all the way in to the end of the grill track.

First Use_Assembling_Disassembling Flat Grill #1.PNG

Grill and baking pan assembly

First Use_Assembling_Disassembling Flat Grill #2.PNG

Grill oven rack

First Use_Assembling_Disassembling Flat Grill #3.PNG

Glass turntable


If the flat grill has a drip tray, to remove it, lift it slightly and pull it towards you.


First Use_Display&Keypad.PNG



To operate the keypad, press gently. The keypad will not work if more than one key is pressed at the same time.

Movement Arrows.PNG Movement arrows
X Cancel and return to previous display page. Keep pressed to return to Home screen.
Power_Large.PNG Switches the oven on and off
Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG Confirms the settings and starts cooking operations. When pressed during a cooking operation, the function is placed in pause. Press again to restart.
Timer.PNG To set the timer. Enter the functions menu during cooking.
Light #4.PNG Switches the inner oven light on and off.


Error Codes

Error codes appear when a fault has been detected. When the error appears, the current function is blocked. If the type of error is related to a safety function, the oven becomes unusable and you will need to contact Customer Care. If the error relates to a minor fault, after being restarted the oven can be used for the functions that do not involve the faulty part (eg a heating element).



  • Confirm that the command has been received after a key has been pressed.
  • It also indicates that a time function has been completed (eg Timer or Automatic Cooking). y When using the recipe function a beep will indicate that the oven is waiting for operation by the user (eg insert a dish).
  • Beeps will also signal that there is an oven fault.


Default Temperature

The cooking modes automatically select a suitable temperature when the cooking mode is selected, the temperature can be modified at any time.


F Failure Number Codes

Failure codes appear when the error code is recorded in the Error Log in the Setup menu. This error can be communicated to the service technician so they can understand the possible cause of the problem in advance.



The timer on your oven does not turn the appliance on or off. If you want to turn the oven off automatically, please refer to the automatic cooking section in use the end-of-cooking or delayed cooking function.
Pressing the Power_Large.PNG button does not reset or stop the timer.
  1. Press Timer.PNG and set the desired time using the arrows Up_Down Arrows.PNG and confirm by pressing Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG.

To switch the selection between hours and minutes press the arrows Left_Right Arrows.PNG.

  1. The timer can be set from 1 minute to 12 hours and 59 minutes.

When set, the remaining time is always visible in the status bar until the time expires or is reset.

  1. To change or cancel the time set, you must reset the timer by pressing and holding Timer.PNG for a few seconds.
  2. The timer format is usually HR:MIN, and switches to MIN:SEC during the last minute.
  3. When the time expires, the display shows 00:00 and an alert will sound for one minute or until Timer.PNG is pressed.



When preheating, the current temperature is displayed together with the thermometer icon Thermometer.PNG.

When the set temperature is reached, the control sounds an ‘end of preheat’ beep and the current temperature value disappears from the display.


High Altitude Baking

When cooking at high altitude, recipes and cooking time will vary from the standard.



  • Use microwave safe dishware.
  • When using the oven in microwave mode, the dish must be placed on the rotating plate.
  • When using the oven in combination mode, it is preferable to place the dish to be cooked on the round grill, supported so that it is centered on the rotating plate.


Unsuitable Dishware

The flat grill must be removed when using the microwave and combined modes. Use it only with traditional oven functions.


Testing Dishware

Never turn on the microwave oven before you have put in the food. The only exception allowed is testing dishware.


First Use & User Settings

When using your oven for the first time, you will be prompted to enter user settings for:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Language
  • Temperature and weight measurements
At the first connection and subsequent re-connections to the power supply, the door lock mechanism performs a calibration cycle in this phase, always keep the door closed.

These settings can be modified at anytime by accessing the settings menu




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