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Safety & Warnings





Electric Shock #2.PNG

Electrical Shock Hazard

  • Before carrying out any work on the electrical section of the appliance, it must be disconnected from the mains electricity supply.
  • Connection to a good earth wiring system is absolutely essential and mandatory.
  • Alterations to the domestic wiring system must only be made by a qualified electrician
  • Failure to follow this advice may result in electrical shock or death.



Fire Hazard.PNG

Fire Hazard

  • Do not use adapters, reducers, or branching devices to connect this appliance to the mains power supply.
  • Failure to follow this advice may result in overheating, burning, or fire.



Cut Hazard.PNG

Cut Hazard

  • Take care – some edges are sharp.
  • Failure to use caution could result in injury or cuts.


The oven’s identification plate is accessible when the appliance is installed. This identification plate, which is visible when you open the door, shows all the information you will need when requesting replacement parts for the appliance.


Important Safety Instructions!

To avoid hazard, follow these instructions carefully before installing or using this appliance.

  • Save these instructions for the local inspectors use.
  • Please make this information available to the person installing the appliance – doing so could reduce your installation costs.
  • This oven is to be installed and connected to the electricity supply only by an authorised person.
  • If the installation requires alterations to the domestic electrical system, call a qualified electrician. The electrician should also check that the socket cable section is suitable for the electricity drawn by the oven.
  • The oven must be earthed.
  • Installation must comply with your local building and electricity regulations.
  • This appliance must be installed and connected to the mains power supply only by a suitably qualified person according to these installation instructions and in compliance with any applicable local building and electricity regulations. Failure to install the appliance correctly could invalidate any warranty or liability claims.
  • If the power supply cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
  • A circuit breaker is recommended.
  • Do not use adaptors, reducers or branching devices to connect the oven to the mains electricity supply, as they can cause overheating and burning.
  • Make sure the cavity is completely sealed with no gaps. This is to ensure the oven cooling system functions correctly.


Electrical Requirements

  • Connect oven with copper wire only.
  • Do not cut the conduit.
  • A U.L. listed conduit connector must be provided at the junction box.
  • Do not earth to a gas pipe.
  • Do not have a fuse in the earthed or neutral circuit.
  • Fuse both sides of the line.
  • A time delay fuse or circuit breaker is recommended. If using a time delay fuse, then fuse both sides of the line.
  • Flexible armored cable from the appliance should be connected directly to the junction box.
  • Connect directly to the fused disconnect (or circuit breaker box) through flexible, armored or non-metallic sheathed, copper cable (with earthed wire).
  • If codes permit and a separate earthed wire is used, it is recommended that a qualified electrician determine that the earthed path and wire gauge are in accordance with local codes.




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