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Normal Comment
Microwave oven interfering TV reception Radio and TV reception may experience interference when the microwave oven is operating. It is similar to the interference caused by small electrical appliances, eg mixer, vacuum cleaner, and electric fan.
Dim oven light During lower power microwave cooking, the oven light may dim.  This is normal.
Steam accumulating on door, hot air out of vents Food produces steam during the cooking process. Most will escape from the vents however some steam may accumulate in cooler areas of the oven such as the  interior of the door. This is normal.
Oven started accidentally with no food inside DO NOT operate the oven without food.


Trouble Possible Cause Remedy
Oven cannot be started Power cord not plugged in correctly. Disconnect then reconnect it again after 10 seconds.
Fuse blown or circuit breaker activated. Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker (Any electrical repairs must be carried out by a qualified person or a Fisher & Paykel trained and supported service technician).
Trouble with outlet. Test outlet with other electrical appliances.
Oven does not heat Door not closed properly. Close door properly.




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