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Installation Guide



Install Guide_Prod Dim.jpg


Product Dimensions





A.  Overall Height 388 460
B.  Overall Depth 400 470
C.  Overall Width 595 595
Above dimensions include the pre-installed trim kit.


  • The oven is fitted with a plug and must only be connected to a properly installed earthed socket. The socket must only be installed and the connecting cable must only be replaced by a qualified electrician, and in accordance with the appropriate regulations.
  • If the plug is no longer accessible following installation, an all-pole isolating switch must be present on the installation side with a contact gap of at least 3mm. 
  • Minimum installation height (from floor to base of product): 85cm (for OM25BLCX1 model only).
  • Do not cover ventilation slots and suction holes.
  • Do not trap or bend the power cable.
  • To guarantee correct ventilation a 45mm air gap to free air must be maintained at the back of the appliance.
  • This air gap can be created through the base of the cabinet as shown or through the back or side of the cabinet. 


Install Guide_Cab Dim_Side.jpg


Install Guide_Cab Dim_Top.jpg



Cabinetry Dimensions





A.  Overall width of cavity 600 600
B.  Inside width of cavity min 560 min 560
C.  Inside height of cavity min 380 min 450
D.  Depth of cavity min 550 min 550
E.  Ventilation gap (through back, base or side of cabinet)  45 45


Installing Mounting Plate in Cabinet

Install Guide_Mounting Plate in Cab_Top View.jpg

Top View

  1. Mark a centerline (A) along the base of the cabinet.
  2. Measure 357mm from the front edge of the cabinet and mark a line (B) across the centreline.
  3. Measure 10mm along line (B) from the centreline towards the left and mark a  screw hole (C).
  4. Measure 36mm along line (B) from the centreline towards the right and mark a screw hole (D).
  5. Place the mounting plate (E) aligning its screw holes with the screw hole locations on the cabinet base.
  6. Fix the mounting plate with supplied screws (F) to the screw holes.
Install Guide_Mounting Plate in Cab.jpg


Installing the Oven

  1. Place the oven into the cabinet (A).
  • Ensure the back of the oven is locked by the mounting plate (B).
  • Do not trap or kink the power cord.
Install Guid_Oven_B.jpg
Install Guid_Oven_A.jpg
  1. Fix the oven to the cabinet:
  • Open the door
  • Install a screw (C) into the installation hole of the oven trim.
  • Fit a plastic cover (D) over the installation hole.
Install Guid_Oven_C&D.jpg




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