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Traditional Cooking



Changing the Cooking Mode

  1. Cooking can be paused by pressingTick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG.

Cooking can be restarted by pressing Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG again.

  1. To change the mode while cooking, press Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG key and then X.PNG.

Another cooking mode can then be selected from the available options by pressingLeft_Right Arrows.PNG.


Changing Temperature

  1. From the cooking mode screen, the temperature can be changed by pressingUp_Down Arrows.PNG and confirming your selection by pressing Tick_Select Button for Oven #2.PNG.
  2. During cooking the temperature can be changed, by pressing Up_Down Arrows.PNG.



When the oven is preheating the actual temperature is displayed underneath the cooking mode icon.

Trad Cooking_Pre_Heating #1.PNG Trad Cooking_Pre_Heating #2.PNG
  1. Actual temperature
  2. Set temperature

When the set temperature is reached, a beep will confirm that the oven is preheated. The ‘actual temperature’ will disappear from the display.

Note-Icon.png Selecting a higher temperature does not shorten the preheat time.

The preheating function is recommended to achieve the best results when cooking meat or baking cakes, biscuits, pastries and breads.




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