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Electrical Connection & Securing Oven to Cavity



Electrical Hook-up

Before connecting to the electricity, make sure that the:

  • specifications of the electrical system match with what is detailed on the serial number plate applied to the front of the oven.
  • system has an effective earth connection compliant with current standards and laws.

The earth connection is required by law. The cable must not, at any point, reach a temperature greater than 50°C above room temperature.

This oven must be connected to the electricity through a power supply cable and plug that is compatible with the outlet of the electrical system that powers this oven. If a fixed appliance does not have a power cord and plug, or another device that ensures disconnection from the mains, with an opening distance of the contacts that allows complete disconnection, such disconnection devices must be provided in the power supply mains conforming to the installation rules. The omnipolar socket or switch must be easy to reach when the appliance is installed.


The manufacturer declines all liability if the usual accident prevention standards and the above instructions are not followed.


Max Power Hz Voltage (V) Amps (A)
3200 50 Hz 220-240V 14.5


Type And Minimum Diameter Of The Cables


H05RR-F 3x1,5 mm2 H05RR-F 3x2,5 mm2
H05VV-F 3x1,5 mm2 H05VV-F 3x2,5 mm2
H05RN-F 3x1,5 mm2 H05RN-F 3x2,5 mm2
H05V2V2-F 3x1,5 mm2 H05V2V2-F 3x2,5 mm2


Electrical Hookup.PNG


Secure The Oven To The Cabinetry

  1. Position the oven in the prepared cavity.
Important-Icon.png Do not lift the oven by the door handle.
  1. Use the supplied screws and spacers to secure the oven to the cabinetry.
  • Do not over-tighten the screws.
  • Take care not to damage the lower trim of the oven.
  • Do not seal the oven into the cabinetry with silicone or glue. This makes future servicing difficult. Fisher & Paykel will not cover the costs of removing the oven, or of damage caused by this removal.
Secure Oven to Cabinetry.PNG




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