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Installation Instructions



Install Instruct #1.PNG Install Instruct #2.PNG
  1. Position the rails on the sides of the cabinet. Fix with the screws provided, then extend the rails completely.
  • Position and fix the lock hook with the four screws provided, as shown.
  • If the coffee maker is installed over a warmer drawer, use the top surface of this as a reference to position the rails. In this case, there will be no surface to rest the rails on.
  1. Fix the power cable with the clip. The power cable must be long enough to allow the appliance to be pulled out from the cabinet to fill the coffee bean container.
  • The appliance must be earthed in compliance with legislation.
  • Electrical connections must be performed by a qualified electrician following the instructions.
Install Instruct #3.PNG Install Instruct #4&5.PNG
  1. Position the appliance on the rails, making sure the pins are correctly inserted in the housings, then fix it with the screws supplied. If the height of the appliance requires adjusting, use the spacer disks provided.
  1. If necessary, correct alignment of the appliance by positioning the spacers supplied under or at the sides of the support.
  2. To lift the appliance in the front (max. 2mm) turn the latch as shown.


Connect the Warming Drawer to the Mains Supply

  • All electrical work may only be carried out by suitably qualified and competent persons in accordance with national and local safety regulations.
  • This warming drawer must be earthed.

Before placing the coffee maker into the cavity, route the power cord into the back of the cavity and plug it in to the switched socket. The switched socket should be in an easily accessible area within 900mm of the centre rear of the product.


Connect Warming Drawer to Mains Supply.PNG


Power Requirements

Model Code Power Voltage Wattage Hz
EB60 6.1 A 220-240 V 220-240 W 50-60 Hz




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