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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Using your oven

Fitting the side racks and catalytic panels


  1. Remove all shelves and trays.

  2. For easier access to the fixing screws, you may remove the oven door first. See ‘Removing and refitting the oven door.’

  3. Using a small coin or a flat-head screwdriver, loosen and remove the front fixing screw (the back lock stud cannot be removed), as shown.

  4. Remove the side rack.

  5. Fit the catalytic panel. When fitting the side catalytic panels, make sure that:

    • you slide the panel in, with the cutout in the panel fitting behind the back lock stud.
    • the arrows are pointing upwards
    • the panel with the round hole is on the right oven wall.
  6. Refit the side racks.

    • Slide the side rack gently so it engages with the rear lock stud.
    • Make sure that they are the right way up, as in the illustrations, and then insert and tighten the front fixing screw.
  7. If not already fitted, fit the telescopic sliding shelf supports. See 'Care and cleaning’ for instructions.


  1. Slide in the shelves you will need, making sure that:
  • they are between the two wires of a shelf position
  • the stop notches point down
  • the guard rail is at the back.
  • if the sliding shelf supports are not already fitted see ‘Care and cleaning’ for instructions.

The grill tray should be positioned on the sliding shelf supports, or between the two wires of a shelf position and orientated as shown.


  1. Select a function.
  • The halo will glow white.


  1. Set the temperature.
  • While the oven is heating up, the halo will glow red and the temperature indicator will alternately show the actual and set temperatures.
  • When the oven has reached set temperature, a long tone will sound and the halo will turn white.

Grill provides instant radiant heat, so the halo will stay red and there will be no tone.


  1. When you have finished cooking, turn the function dial to Off.
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