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Oven functions

Details the various oven functions available for your Built-In Oven and their different uses.
  • Depending on your model, you may only have some of these functions.
  • Use all the functions with the oven door closed.

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fan and rear element

  •  By using the central rear heating element and fan, hot air is blown into the cavity, providing a consistent temperature at all levels, making it perfect for multi-shelf cooking.
  • Trays of cookies cooked on different shelves are crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle.
  • Meat and poultry are deliciously browned and sizzling while remaining juicy and tender.
  • Casseroles are cooked to perfection and reheating is quick and efficient.
  • When multi-shelf cooking it is important to leave a gap between trays (eg use shelves BAKE VENT BAKE 3 & 5) to allow the air to move freely. This enables the browning of foods on the lower tray.
  • If converting a recipe from to Fan Forced, we recommend that you decrease the bake time or decrease the temperature by approximately 20°C.
  • For items with longer bake times (eg over an hour) it may be necessary to decrease both time and temperature.

Ideal for multi-shelf cooking biscuits, cookies, scones, muffins and cupcakes.

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fan plus upper inner and outer elements

  • This function uses the intense heat from both the upper elements (Fan Maxi Grill ), or the upper inner element (Fan Grill) for top browning and the fan to ensure even cooking of foods.
  • Meat, poultry and vegetables cook beautifully; food is crisp and brown on the outside while the inside remains moist and tender.

Ideal for whole chicken, tenderloin of beef or grilling your favourite chicken, fish and steak.


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upper inner and outer elements

  • This function delivers intense radiant heat from one (Grill) or both (Maxi Grill) top elements. You can set the intensity of the heat by altering the temperature setting.
  • Preheating is not essential although some people prefer to allow the element to heat for a few minutes before they place food under the grill.
  • The most suitable function for ‘finishing off’ many meals, for example browning the top of potato gratin and frittata.
  • Use Inner Grill (some models only) for grilling smaller dishes. Ensure you centre the dish under the inner grill element.

Ideal for toasting bread or for top browning to ‘finish off dishes’.

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