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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Maintenance Alerts


Blocked Spray Arm

If the spray arm rotation is obstructed, Spray Arm Alert.jpgwill flash and the current cycle will be paused.

Resolving blocked Spray Arm Alert

592382A_Maintenance Alerts_1.jpg Ensure the spray arm can rotate freely and there are no protrusions below the  rack.
592382A_Maintenance Alerts_2.jpg Press Right Arrow.PNGto clear the warning and resume the wash program.
592382A_Maintenance Alerts_3.jpg If the alert is not resolved within 1 hour, the cycle will resume but wash  performance will be reduced. Spray Arm Alert.jpgwill continue to flash at the end of the cycle. Press Right Arrow.PNGto clear the warning.



After a set amount of cycles have been run, Filter.PNGwill flash indicating the filter should be cleaned. This will flash until the warning has been cleared.


Resolving Filter Alert

592382A_Filter Alerts_1.jpg Clean the filter. Refer to 'Removing and cleaning the filter' for guidance.
592382A_Filter Alerts_2.jpg Press and hold Right Arrow.PNGfor two seconds to clear the indicator.




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