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Changing pre-set options

Option adjustment mode

After using your washer a number of times you may want to fine tune some of the options to suit your wash needs.

There are a number of pre-set options, which can be altered.

In the WashSmart™ model the following pre-set options can be changed:
  • The wash temperatures.
  • The ‘Rinse’ option on ‘Heavy Duty’ and ‘Regular’ cycles.
  • The ‘Cold’ wash to ‘Controlled Cold’.
  • The number of beeps at the end of the cycle.
  • The fill level selected by ‘Auto’ water level.
  • The out of balance recovery routine.
In the QuickSmart™ model the following pre-set options can be changed: 
  • The ‘Warm’ wash temperature.
  • The ‘Rinse’ option on ‘Heavy Duty’, ‘Regular’ and ‘Wool’ cycles.
  • The out of balance recovery routine.


To enter option adjustment mode 
  1. Turn washer on at the wall but do not press ‘Power’ . Press  and hold down, then press ‘Power’ . You will hear two quick beeps and the washer will show an unusual pattern of lights. In this mode the lights are used to indicate the different options available. The diagram on the next page shows how the lights relate to the options you can change. The following pages explain the different options in more detail.
  2. Use the buttons on the panel to make your changes to the pre-set options.
  3. Press ‘Power’  to return to normal mode.
  4. Your washer will automatically remember your changes.

Entering the Option Adjustment mode


While WashSmart™ model is shown, setting of the QuickSmart™ model is identical.

  1. Enter the option adjustment mode.
  2. The diagram below shows how the lights relate to the options you can change. It also shows what lights will be on when you first enter the option adjustment mode.
    Use this diagram to help you adjust the options on the WashSmart™ model

Option adjustment on the WashSmart™ model


Use this diagram to help you adjust the options on the QuickSmart™ model.

Option adjustment on the QuickSmart™ model

  1. Use the buttons on the panel to change the pre-set options.

Wash temperatures

  • On the QuickSmart™ model the ‘Warm’ temperature can be adjusted if you think it is too hot or too cold.
  • On the WashSmart™ model all wash temperatures can be individually adjusted.
The hot and cold temperatures will be the same as the respective water supply temperatures.
  1. When in option adjustment mode, select the ‘Wash Temp’ you want to adjust.
  2. The wash progress lights show the temperature adjustment possible for that temperature.
  • Pressing the  button will cause the wash progress light that is on to change.
  • Advancing the wash progress light will increase the wash temperature. If you keep pressing the  button, the light will scroll back to the coldest setting available for that wash temperature. 

Adjusting the temperature setting

While WashSmart™ model is shown, the setting of the QuickSmart™ model is identical 

If you have a QuickSmart™ model and still can’t get the temperature you require, advance the progress light  (while in the options adjustment mode) across to ‘Spin’ and manually adjust the flow of the taps.

Rinse options

You can change the pre-set rinse options on the ‘Heavy Duty’ and ‘Regular’ cycles of the WashSmart™ model, and on the ‘Heavy Duty’, ‘Regular’ and ‘Wool’ cycles of the QuickSmart™ model.

The default rinse option on these cycles is a spray rinse followed by a deep rinse. The first step of the default rinse can be replaced with a short spin, or a deep rinse, by selecting another option.

  Rinse 1 Rinse 2
‘Med’ spin light on Deep rinse Deep rinse
‘Slow’ spin light on Short spin Deep rinse
‘Hold’ light on (default) Spray rinse Deep rinse

If you have a problem with impurities in your water supply you may get a better result if you change the rinse option to two ‘Deep’ rinses. If you wish to conserve water, change the rinse option to one ‘Deep’ rinse. If you want to conserve even more water, choose the ‘Eco’ option.

Controlled cold

WashSmart™ model only

If your cold water temperature is very low you will not get a very effective wash. The ‘Controlled Cold’ option solves this problem by adding a small amount of hot water to raise the temperature of the wash to approximately 20°C. We have called this ‘Controlled Cold’. 

  1. When in option adjustment mode, select ‘Cold’ wash temperature.
  2. The wash progress lights show the temperature adjustment possible.
  • When the first progress light (from the left) is on, the washer will fill with cold water only.
  • Press the  button to select the second light (from the left) and your washer will control the temperature to approximately 20°C. Each following light approximately equals a 1°C temperature rise.
If you always use ‘Cold’ or ‘Controlled Cold’ water, we recommend that a ‘Warm’ or ‘Hot’ wash be used regularly, eg every 5th wash should be at least a warm one.

Changing the cold wash temperature setting

End of cycle beeps

WashSmart™ model only

The beeps signalling the end of the cycle can be increased or decreased. Press the options button to increase the number of beeps or press again for no beeps to sound at the end of the cycle.

Auto water fill level

WashSmart™ model only

If you are not satisfied with the level that your washer fills to on ‘Auto’ water level, you can increase or decrease the fill level that ‘Auto’ will select.

Light On Option
Favourite less water
Easy iron factory setting
Allergy more water +
Hand wash more water ++
Heavy duty more water +++
If you feel there is not enough water for the load, we recommend you check by pausing the washer and pushing the clothes down to see how much spare water is at the bottom of the bowl. Clothes often float and your washer can sense the water under the clothes.

Out of balance recovery routine

When your washer is spinning it can sense if the wash load is out of balance. If an out of balance load is detected, the washer will stop and re-try spinning up to three times. If it still senses an unbalanced load there are two options the washer can take.

Automatic recovery option 

Your washer will try to automatically correct the out of balance load. It will fill with water and agitate to redistribute the load before trying to spin up again.

Washer stops option

Your washer will stop, give a short burst of beeps every five seconds, and the ‘Rinse’ or ‘Spin’ light will flash. You must redistribute the load more evenly yourself (use this option if you wish to conserve water).



Adjusting the out of balance recovery routine

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