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Customising the wash cycles

To customise a cycle

WashSmart™ model only

You can program your washer to remember the wash options you prefer for each wash cycle. For instance, you may want to set the ‘Regular’ cycle to a ‘Cold’ wash or set ‘Heavy Duty’ to include a ‘Soak’.

  1. Press ‘Power’ .
  2. Press the wash cycle button. Hold down for 2 seconds. You will hear 2 quick beeps and the wash cycle light will flash.
  3. Select your wash options, eg ‘Cold’ wash, ‘Soak’.
  4. Press the wash cycle again to store your customised cycle.

To change your customised wash cycle simply repeat these steps.

When you are customising a wash cycle you can shorten or lengthen the wash time:

  • To shorten the wash time, press the  button to reduce the number of wash progress lights that are illuminated.
  • To increase the wash time keep pressing the  button until all the wash progress lights are illuminated (refer to ‘Getting started quickly — WashSmart™ model’).
Unlike the ‘Favourite’ cycle you cannot customise a wash cycle to start at the ‘Rinse’ or ‘Spin’ stage. On ‘Heavy Duty’ you can only decrease the wash time.

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