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The unique CleanSmart wash

The CleanSmart™ washer has two modes of washing, HE ‘On’ (High Efficiency) and HE ‘Off’ (Conventional). Both modes start the same way, with the Detergent Activating wash.

Detergent Activating wash

CleanSmart™ washer fills the bowl at the selected water temperature, with just enough water so the clothes are saturated. This small amount of sudsy water flows through the clothes, up a specially designed portal and back onto the clothes in a waterfall effect. This thoroughly dissolves and activates the detergent.

The concentrated solution of detergent and water rapidly targets stains and soils at the fibre-level of fabrics, boosting soil removal and accelerating the wash process.

High Efficiency On (High Efficiency mode)

In the High Efficiency mode the CleanSmart™ washer then fills with just enough cool water to lift the clothes off the low-profile agitator so that when it rotates, the clothes gently roll over each other. This wash gives you the benefit of water savings, using similar quantities of water to most front loaders.

High Efficiency Off (Conventional mode)

The Conventional mode is the immersion wash all top-load washer users are familiar with. However, this mode still uses less water than that of other top loaders which utilise the immersion wash. After the Detergent Activating wash the CleanSmart™ washer fills with cold water until the clothes are submerged, and gently turns the clothes over. We recommend this mode when the dilution effect of water can prevent or solve common wash problems. For example, when dye or colour run can be a problem (ie new, dark-coloured garments), or when washing sandy towels.

Detergent Activating wash

High Efficiency wash

Conventional wash

Some cycles can be used in both modes, whilst others are available in only one.









Easy Iron








These two wash modes mean that your CleanSmart™ washer gives you the best of both worlds, accommodating any laundry situation.

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