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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Installation Instructions – General

Please follow the steps for installation to ensure your appliance operates correctly.


  • Your refrigerator should not be located in direct sunlight or next to any heat generating appliance such as a cooktop, oven or dishwasher.


  • To ensure that the appliance is not accidentally switched off, connect your refrigerator to its own power point. Do not plug in any other appliance at this power point or use extension cords and double adaptors, as the combined weight of both power cords can pull the double adaptor from a wall outlet socket.
  • For power requirements, refer to the information on the serial plate located inside the refrigerator compartment.
  • It is essential that the appliance be properly grounded (earthed).

Energy saving tips

  • There are many simple things that can be done to save energy.

During installation

  • Locate refrigerator to the coolest part of the room. Avoid areas of direct sunlight, or near heating ducts, registers, or other heat producing appliances.
  • Ensure your refrigerator has adequate ventilation as shown in the installation instructions.

During use

  • Avoid overcrowding shelves, as this reduces airflow.
  • Do not use anything (such as aluminium foil, wax paper, or paper towelling) as a shelf liner, as this reduces airflow.
  • Avoid loading too much warm food in at once and allow good clearances in front of the air ducts within the cabinet for maximum cold air distribution.
  • Your refrigerator is most efficient when it is two thirds full.
  • Do not leave the door open for any longer than is necessary and organise items in the refrigerator to reduce the time that the door is open.

Before placing food in the fresh food or freezer compartments

  • Remove all packaging found inside the compartments eg tape, polystyrene etc.
  • Clean the inside of the appliance with a mixture of warm water and a little liquid detergent to remove manufacturing and transportation dust.
  • The appliance may have an odour on its initial operation, but this will go when the refrigerator has cooled sufficiently.
  • Allow the refrigerator to run empty for 2 – 3 hours to allow each compartment to cool to the appropriate temperature.
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