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Using the Self clean function

  • During the pyrolytic Self Clean cycle the extremely high temperature burns off and breaks down grime and grease deposits. All that is left is a small amount of grey ash that you can easily remove.
  • You can set the Self Clean cycle time between one and a half and three hours. The heavier the soiling, the longer the cleaning time required.
  • You must clean the inside glass door panel BEFORE starting a Self Clean cycle. Failure to do this may result in permanent staining or marking of the door glass.
  • Do not use oven cleaners, any degreasing cleaners, or oven liners.
  • Make sure you remove the side racks, oven shelves and trays, rotisserie and all other bakeware and utensils from the oven before starting a Self Clean cycle. If left in the oven, they will become permanently discoloured or damaged; items made from combustible materials (eg wood, fabric, plastic) may even catch fire.
  • The storage drawer will become warm during the Self Clean cycle. Do not store flammable items in the storage drawer. If possible, avoid opening the drawer during the cycle, or use oven mitts to remove items from the drawer.
  • Do not use your oven to clean miscellaneous parts.
  • Make sure the room is well ventilated.
  • Before starting a Self Clean cycle, make sure you move any pet birds to another, closed and well- ventilated room. Some pet birds are extremely sensitive to the fumes given off during a Self Clean cycle, and may die if left in the same room as the oven during such a cycle.
  • During a Self Clean cycle, the oven reaches higher temperatures than it does for cooking. Under such conditions, the surfaces may get hotter than usual and children should be kept away.
  • The oven door will be locked during the Self Clean cycle. After the Self Clean cycle has finished, the door will remain locked until the oven has cooled to a safe temperature. This may take up to 30 minutes.
  • If there are cracks or flaws on any of the oven door glass panes, if the oven seal is damaged or worn, or if the door does not close properly, do not start a Self Clean cycle. Call your Authorised Repairer or Customer Care.

To start a Self Clean cycle

1a  Remove oven shelves, side racks and all other accessories, bakeware, and utensils.

1b  Wipe up any spills. Failure to do so may discolour the oven surfaces.

1c  Check the inner glass pane of the oven door (D). If it has soiling on it (eg stains from greasy splatter), you will need to clean it manually before starting a Self Clean cycle. For instructions, see ‘Care and cleaning’.

If soiling is left on the glass, it will become burnt on during the Self Clean cycle, making it very difficult to remove.

2  Close the oven door firmly.

3  Select the Self Clean Function 

  • The display will show
  • The P will flash.

4  Adjust the cycle time (optional)

  • You may set the time between 1-1/2 hours (P1:30 and 3 hours (P3:00). For heavy soiling use a longer time.
  • Press the  button - the P will go out.
  • Use the  and  buttons to change the time.
  • After a few seconds the P will start to flash again. Alternatively, press the Start   button to confirm and the P will flash.

5  Start the cycle

  • Press the Start  button. The P will stop flashing.
  • The oven will come on and the  indicator will show in the display.
  • After a few seconds the door will lock and the door lock indicator light will come on.
  • The display will start to count down.

If the door is not shut completely, after a few minutes the oven will switch off, the display will show ‘’ and the oven will beep. See ‘Troubleshooting’.

6  At the end of the Self Clean cycle

  • The oven will turn off.
  • The display will show  and a flashing 

7  Turn the function dial to O (Off ).

  • The door will remain locked.
  • The door lock indicator will remain on.
  • The display will show ‘hot’.

When the oven has cooled to a safe temperature, the door lock indicator will go out and the door will unlock. The display will show the time of day. This may take 30 minutes.

The oven will still be very warm. To avoid burns, wait for the oven to cool completely before wiping out the ash and replacing side racks and shelves.

To cancel a Self Clean cycle

Turn the function dial to O (Off ).

The oven door will remain locked until the oven has cooled to a safe temperature. The door lock indicator light will remain on, and the display will show ‘hot’.

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