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Automatic cooking

Defines how to set and cancel the oven for automatic cooking.
To set the oven for automatic cooking
  1. Set the oven
  • Check the clock shows the correct time (eg 12:07).
  • Select the function and set the temperature. The oven will turn on.
  1. Set the cooking time
  • Decide how long the food will take to cook, allowing time for preheating if necessary (eg 40 minutes).
  • Press 2017-06-29_1554.png.
  • Use 2017-06-29_1555.png and 2017-06-29_1556.png to set the cooking time. 2017-06-29_1557.png will show in the display.
  1. Set the stop time
  • Decide when you want your food to be ready by (eg 13:30).
  • Press 2017-06-29_1559.png.
  • Use 2017-06-29_1600.png and 2017-06-29_1600.png to set the stop time.

You can turn the oven on manually and set it to turn off automatically by setting the stop time (step 3 above).

When automatic cooking is set
  • If there is time before cooking starts, the oven will turn off and the pre-set temperature and 2017-06-29_1557.png will show in the clock display, indicating the oven is set for automatic cooking. Note: the cooling fan may stay on.
  • The oven will automatically turn on at the required time (eg 12:50) and turn off at the set stop time (eg 13:30).
  • To see the remaining cooking time, press 2017-06-29_1554.png.
  • To see the set stop time, press 2017-06-29_1603.png.
To cancel automatic cooking
  1. Press and hold 2017-06-29_1555.png and 2017-06-29_1600.png together for 3 seconds.
  2. Turn the function dial to o (Off ).
When the stop time is reached
  • The oven will turn off, the timer will beep.
  • The display will show 2017-06-29_1606.png and the 2017-06-29_1557.png will flash.
  1. Press any button to stop the beeping.
  2. Turn the function dial to o (Off ).
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