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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Setting Delay start

This feature can delay the start of a wash programme by 1 to 12 hours.

  1. Load the dishes, add detergent and close the door.

  2. Press  to turn the dishwasher on.

  3. Check that the display shows the wash programme you require. If not, see instructions for ‘Changing the wash programme’.

  1. C1/C2/C4 models: Press . C6 models:
    Press and hold  for a second.
    • The delay start indicator  will light up and the display will show the delay time(hours).

  1. Press  again for a second to increase the number of hours you wish to delay the wash by (1hr - 12hr in hour steps).
  • Hold down  to scroll more quickly to your desired delay time.
  • Scrolling past 12 hours will exit delay start.

  1. Delay start is now set. The display will countdown in hours. The wash programme will automatically start when the delay time is over.

To cancel Delay start

To cancel Delay start, press .

Press  to exit delay start and cancel the delay time.

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