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Controls and starting a wash

Details how to start, pause, restart, and change wash programmes.

To start a wash programme

  1. Press  to turn the dishwasher on.

  2. Check that the wash programme displayed is the one you would like to use. If not, press to scroll through the wash programmes (see section ‘Changing the wash programme’ below).

  3. Once the display shows the programme you would like to use, press  to start. The display will show the approximate time remaining and the stage of the wash.

After the steps described above are carried out, the pictures will be immediately deleted without any additional confirmation queries. 

  • the default cycle when you first turn the dishwasher on is Normal
  • the dishwasher will remember the last programme used.

To pause and restart a wash programme

  1. Press  to pause the programme. The programme status (eg Wash) will flash while the dishwasher is paused.

  2. Open the door very slowly.

There is a risk of being sprayed with hot water. Do not fully open the door until the spray arms have stopped rotating.


  1. Load, remove, or rearrange any dishes if needed.
  2. Press   to restart the programme.

If the dishwasher is not restarted within 7 minutes, it will then beep until the cycle is restarted.

Changing the wash programme

The dishwasher will remember the last programme used.

  1. Press  to turn the dishwasher on.

  2. Press Program to scroll to the desired wash programme.

    • The display will show the wash programme time.

  3. Select a wash modifier (optional, DW60C6 models only)

    • Press  to scroll between the wash modifier options. The selected wash modifier indicator will be lit. (see ‘Selecting wash modifiers’).

  4. Press  to start the wash programme.

At the end of the programme the dishwasher will beep. The display will show . After 30 seconds the display will turn off.

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