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Using your cooktop’s special features

Details including the auto heat reduce feature, setting a cooking zone, setting timer, and more.

Using the Auto Heat-reduce feature

Cooking zones set for this feature will:

  • first quickly heat up food or liquid at the highest setting then automatically reduce the heat to a preset lower setting to cook the food through.

To set a cooking zone for Auto Heat-reduce

  1. Select a cooking zone.

  1. Select heat setting .

  1. Re-touch the right end of the setting selector.  will start flashing alternately with in the cooking zone’s display.

  1. Choose the lower heat setting you want the cooking zone to automatically reduce to ()

When Auto Heat-reduce is set

Initially, while the cooking zone is at the highest setting, A will flash alternately with your selected lower setting. Then, when the period of highest setting is over (eg after 5 minutes), A will stop flashing and the cooking zone will automatically reduce the heat to your preset lower setting.

Preset lower heat setting

Period on highest setting

1 1 minute
2 3 minute
3 5 minute
4 6.5 minutes
5 8.5 minutes
6 2.5 minutes
7 3.5 minutes
8 4.5 minutes

To increase or quit the Auto Heat-reduce setting while Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 3.29.35 PM.png is flashing

  1. Select the cooking zone already set for Auto Heat-reduce.

  1. Increase the lower heat setting. The period on highest setting will be automatically readjusted.

  1. To quit, decrease the lower heat setting.

if you want to keep using Auto Heat- reduce and reduce the originally set lower heat setting, quit Auto Heat-reduce and set it again.

Using the GentleHeat feature

This heat setting between and provides continuous gentle heat and is ideal for:

  • delicate cooking tasks such as melting chocolate
  • warming plates
  • keeping cooked food warm. If reheating cooked food from cold, always bring it to the boil on a higher setting before changing to the GentleHeat setting. For food safety reasons, a cooking zone set for GentleHeat will automatically turn off after two hours of continuous use.

  1. Select a cooking zone.

  1. Select heat setting .

Using the timer

You can set the timer to automatically turn one or more cooking zones off when the set time is up.

Never leave the cooktop unattended when in use, even if you have set the timer to automatically turn a cooking zone off.

To set the timer for a cooking zone

  1. Select a cooking zone already in use.

  1. Select the timer.

  1. The flashing indicator in the timer display means that the timer is ready to be set for the left rear cooking zone.
    As an example, you would like to set the timer to turn this particular cooking zone off after 25 minutes.

  1. Set the right-hand digit using the setting selector.

  1. The display will then indicate for you to set the left-hand digit.

  1. Set the left-hand digit using the setting the left-hand digit. selector. The timer is now set and begins counting down.

When the set time is up

  • The corresponding indicator in the timer display will flash, the timer will beep, and the cooking zone will automatically turn off (its display showing if the surface is hot).
  • Touch any control to stop the beeping.

Notes on using the timer

  • Skip the last step (6) if you want to set the timer to less than 10 minutes.
  • To modify or cancel a timer setting, follow steps 1 and 2 under ‘To set the timer for a cooking zone’, then modify the number of minutes as wished.
  • Once you have set the timer for one cooking zone, you can go on to set it for additional cooking zones by repeating the steps under ‘To set the timer for a cooking zone’ for each, being mindful of the following:
    • The timer display will always revert to showing the setting for the cooking zone with the shortest remaining time.
    • To check the timer setting for a different cooking zone, simply select the cooking zone. Its remaining time will briefly appear in the timer display.
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